Dance styles taught include: Waltz, Cha Cha, 2-Step, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Nightclub, Polka, Triple-Two, Salsa, Hustle, Rumba, Foxtrot & more.

Todd Longsworth


Jamie Hoyt

Since the formation of their partnership, Todd and Jamie have won numerous regional titles. They were the UCWDC Classic Open II Points Champions in 2012 and they won their first World Title together in the Classic Diamond I Division in 2014. They won their second World Title in the Classic Crown Division in 2017. That year they also won a National Title in Classic Open I at the ACDA National Championships. Todd and Jamie still actively compete together in the UCWDC's  Classic Open I Division as well as the ACDA's championed division, Classic Superstars.

Todd and Jamie love dancing and love sharing their passion for dance and for each other with people across the country. 

Todd Longsworth and Jamie Hoyt are both from Pensacola, FL. Todd is a full-time Firefighter and Flight Paramedic and an Independent Dance Instructor. Jamie is a full-time Mom as well as an Independent Dance Instructor.

Both Todd and Jamie found a love for Country Western dancing in the early 90's. Todd almost immediately took his love of dance to the competition floor and has been competing regularly since 1995. Jamie studied both Ballroom and Country dances through the years and began competing with Todd in 2008. Together they have over 50 years of combined dance knowledge and experience.