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Whether you have a small venue  (225 sq ft) or a large venue (20,000 sq ft), contact Todd today to get a quote on professionally installed dance floors. Todd: 850-554-8218

Join us and others, just like yourself, on a wonderful vacation in the beautiful Caribbean. We spend a week enjoying good food, great weather, meeting new friends, and DANCING! 2018 we had about 80 guests in our group. We hope you'll make plans to join us in 2019. You WON'T regret going. Click on the link to learn more. 

2019 Caribbean Cruise​​

My life is hectic and crazy and it is difficult to eat the way I should; especially being on the road a lot. I've been taking Juice Plus for over 11 years nows. Please click on the the link to learn how you can easily bridge the gap between what you ARE eating and what you SHOULD be eating.

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